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From Students who Completed Courseware or Instructional Copy I authored/co-authored:

Teacher, Allan Tame, said:
''Your manuals Programming with Layout are excellent. They provide a graded series of lessons dealing with all of the important constructs. The language used is non-technical and is well supported by abundant screen shots. The course has a range of relevant practical exercises demonstrating the concepts covered in the text. The exercises are not meaningless... The course also provides a great deal of advice and anecdotal information not found in many texts of this genre. This is a comprehensive 'How To' series... a first rate course.''

Company Manager, Karen Byron, said:
''We offer this course to our staff as part of the retraining program when we restructure new acquisitions. As the HR manager it is my responsibility to help excess staff find new positions and we are happy to be able to offer them the chance to run their own freelance writing business or an online store.''

Craig Evans, from Mt Druitt, said:
''I found the course very comprehensive. At first I was a bit worried about information overload as it covers so much ground. However the lectures and tutorials made it all very easy to understand and take in, and I’m 71!''

Florence Carpentier, from Manchester UK, said:
''I really enjoyed this course. I never knew there was so much to know, those ‘guru’s’ make it sound so easy; ‘two hours a day with the laptop by the pool to make a fortune online’, what a joke. I now know it takes work and effort but it is doable and I can do it. Great content!''

Teacher and Editor, Maxine Weeks, said:
''I am so glad I did this course. As a new freelance writer starting out, I found this course useful from page one. Not only did it point me in the right direction, but quickly prevented me from going in the wrong direction by pointing out the pitfalls and traps of online writing.

I found the lay-out and style easy to read and understand and the content interesting and relevant. I learnt things that I hadn’t even known I needed to learn when I started out – so grateful.

The resources were great – I never would have found out about these if I hadn’t done the course. The writing exercises provided opportunities to practice and to test drive some of the resources.

I still have a long way to go and a lot more to learn, but thanks to Online Writing Online – I am on my way and heading in the right direction, already having completed to jobs found on one of the recommended websites.

Thank-you Lorraine and Perry for sharing your years of knowledge and expertise, and for making these new, exciting writing opportunities accessible to others.''


From Business Clients for whom I wrote reports, plans, marketing documents, investment offers, etc.:

Company Director, Ray Chappell, said:
''Lorraine has a most agile and retentive mind. She is very knowledgeable across a wide range of management functions, including such areas as compliance and legal matters which would normally be the subject of external professional advice. Her prodigious memory and breadth of knowledge has on many occasions been the turning point in resolving negotiations of disputes in favour of our company.

She has impressive research skills, especially in her use of the internet and computer technology generally. This is complemented by Lorraine's ability to reduce complex system and technical knowledge to user-friendly information for general consumption.''

Sam Dragut, Property Developer, said:

"I needed to sell four villas I built in NSW and at the same time raise additional investment capital for a 60 townhouse development project  I purchased in Brisbane, Queensland.  I had been trying for 9 months to obtain finance on the NSW property to be able to obtain finance for the development approval without success. I needed top quality work done in a hurry, on a tight budget. Lorraine at Rainbow Writer delivered a draft within 24 hrs and a marketing proposal within 48 hours.

Lorraine also provided great marketing copy in a professionally designed and presented presentation booklet that I will pass to prospective buyers with pride and confidence.  The same content was published to a web site, and the quality could have cost me thousands!  It was all done in a few days, at very low cost.  She even threw in some free tips on ways to market the units with very little outlay on promotions - some novel ideas that will slash my advertising bills and ensuring the web site attracts qualified visitors.

When it came to the investment proposal, I found Lorraine had extensive knowledge about the  individual property issues and business structure as well as understanding how to present effectively to prospective investors.  To save money later, the presentation booklet and web site for that job were both carefully designed for easy conversion to use for marketing the units.

My property development business now presents a very professional and impressive image and I am presenting sales collateral that I know impresses both buyers and investors. 

For a total investment of less than $2500, I have two superb presentation kits and two beautifully presented web sites to market my business. The bonus information and helpful advice that I never expected to get from a writer.

Body Corporate Committee member, Glenn Blumke, said:
I can't say enough about how impressed I am with your work.  You have managed to transform a long and dreary test into an interesting and readable newsletter. 

Danie Ives said:

''Thank you so much for writing a donation request letter for my Team in Training marathon campaign to raise funds for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society.  I really didn't know where to start and didn't have much time to spend on it but you worked with my schedule to get the information you needed, did research on your own time and delivered a perfect letter way ahead of schedule. 

I could never have written anything half as good if I'd spent weeks on it but you got it right first go with minimal input needed from me and got it back to me in just a couple of days. Sending the letter you wrote by mail and email is the only thing I have done so far to raise funds and it has resulted in over $1,000 in sponsorships in just the first week with more coming in everyday.  

I cannot thank you enough for your generosity in donating your time to write this for me and help raise funds for little Hailey."


From Authors for whom I have mentored, edited and published:

Tom Kwok, author of Iron Rice Bowl, said:
''When I completed a draft of my memoir - a coming-of-age story about an immigrant Chinese boy growing up in Australia in the 1960s - I was quite satisfied with the results and thinking I had a hit on my hand, I entered my manuscript into two literary competitions, and sent it to a publisher. I was unsuccessful in my attempt to have my work published. Doubts began to emerge. Had I taken the wrong approach? In late 2014, I met Lorraine Cobcroft, of Rainbow Works Pty Ltd, at a literary workshop. She offered to read my manuscript and provide me with a critical feedback. Her assessment of my draft was that my story was interesting but that with some modifications, it would have greater appeal and success in the marketplace. She suggested an entirely different approach which included: rearrangement of the early chapters; creating an element of mystery and suspense to keep readers on the journey of discovery; and putting greater emphasis on Chinese culture and tradition, history and immigration to Australia. She also helped to address overwriting, repetition and filtering, reducing the draft by at least 10,000 words. She also suggested a change to the title to arouse interest and curiosity amongst non-Chinese readers. Others might think Lorraine’s approach is too critical, but I really appreciated her honesty and felt completely comfortable entrusting my story with her. She preserved by writing style and maintained my voice. I believe that she has shaped an end product which is significantly better than my original, and greater than my expectations. Lorraine is like a lapidary. Instead of cutting and polishing precious stones, she cut and polished my manuscript. With her expert knowledge and skills, she deftly pulled my draft apart and reassembled it. The finished product is impressive and one that I am very proud of. Lorraine keeps the writer’s best interests at heart. Her main objective is to provide the writer with food for thought and assist with rewriting and telling the story in the best way possible. I have no hesitation in recommending Lorraine for her professional services.'

Helga Parl, member of Fairfield Writers Group, Fairfield, Queensland, said:
''As a long-standing member of our Fairfield Writers Group, I feel eligible to testify on Lorraine Cobcroft’s professionalism in editing and publishing works written by others.

During the last ten years, she has edited, brought to fruition and published all five of our anthologies. Nearly all copies were sold and earned high praises, both from friends and strangers.

Simultaneously, she wrote two of her own novels: The Pencil Case and Mortgaged Goods. Both deal with current topics; both are riveting reading.

She also edited and helped me self-publish my own novel Angela and Her Boys, as well as a collection of short stories, I called Pixels. Both attracted as many buyers as I hoped for, and more importantly, were well received. Thanks of course to not a small measure to the careful editing by Lorraine.  As English is not my native language and I came rather late in life to writing, her work would have been especially difficult.

She proved again equal to the task, when she edited —and assisting a Chinese migrant in self-publishing—his memoirs: Iron Rice Bowl.

I feel confident in Lorraine’s work that our next anthology of short stories will be another success''

Maarten Wijnberg (maffenet@gmail.com) said:
'After assembling a collection of short stories I had written based on legends of the Aboriginal Dreamtime, I contracted Rainbowriter to help me with editing and prepress work to prepare my book, The Land That Time Forgot, for publishing.

I am an artist, and also worked with an artist partner to assemble a collection of full page, full colour illustrations for the book. I have a passion for writing and the ability to craft great story plots and characters, and to write vivid and eloquent description.

English is my second language and I am still learning the finer points of grammar and sentence structure and to avoid overwriting, verbosity and other common mistakes of less accomplished writers.

Lorraine totally transformed my work. Preserving the essence of my stories and my unique voice, and staying true to the objective of producing stories written as the ancient storytellers would have told them, she cleaned up the sentence structure and correct grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes. Then she designed a superb layout for a coffee table book, including designing covers, to produce a ready-for-print file that I can deliver confidently to print-on-demand printers or to traditional publishers, knowing the finished product will be impressive, marketable and readable.

But Lorraine did so much more for me than just edit and prepare the book for print. The review comments inserted into documents she edited explained clearly and in detail why she suggested changes in sentence structure or wording, clarifying rules and explaining good writing practice. She found creative solutions to story problems. I not only gained a superbly presented end product that I can be proud to market, but I gained a wealth of education that is absolutely invaluable.

I can confidently recommend Lorraine as a service provider, and having benefited from her teaching, I am also confident that any courseware she puts her name to will be superb quality and great value."

Anna Arnold, Group Co-ordinator (former) of Fairfield Writers Group said:
''When Fairfield Writers Group decided to assemble their first Anthology, Beginnings, inexperience led to significant issues with editing and arranging publishing. Lorraine offered her editing and publishing skills, and despite some serious time challenges, the group was able to produce a product of impressive quality that was well received in the market.

We have now almost sold out of print copies of our second outstandingly successful Anthology, Life’s a Roller Coaster.  Again, Lorraine edited, proofed, and handled the typesetting, page design, cover layout, and prepress and publishing tasks. Everyone whose story was included was delighted with the results. Lorraine’s passion for excellence resulted in an impressive looking, error-free production that the market loved. The group is excited that Lorraine is now directing the production of the work as an eBook, in order to expand our market reach.

I know that everyone at FWG  would confidently recommend Lorraine to anyone looking for high quality editing, typography, page layout or pre-press services and/or help to publish or e-publish and market writing work, as well as to anyone looking for education, guidance and support to write or publish, whether for pleasure or profit.''

 From others who have commented on my various writings:

James Minard said:

''I thought your comment on writing a synopsis was about the most helpful I've read, and I've read quite a bit about writing.''

Joan Greer said:

Atmospheric, humorous, and leads the reader up interesting by-ways... asnd this does not detract from the cohesion of the article. It is very well done.''

G.R. Pittaway said:

''To create convincing dialog is not an easy task, and calls for responsive imagination. You met the challenge successfully. Your dialog pieces are crisp and purposeful, and the respective characters emerge believably... you appear to have a flair for this department of writing... you steered a safe path and the whole thing is entertaining and plausible.''

William Dang said:

''Let me just also add in that no other writer or provider has told me the same detailed information that you have provided me with.  All of them have just talked about writing, where you have answered and suggested more of the all round business aspects of writing.''

Ysabelle Dean said:

''I like your word pictures for their well-chosen detail. Excellent!''

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