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Services for Authors...

Rainbowriter offers:

  • Mentoring and editing:  Whatever stage your story - whether just the shell of an idea or a nearly completed manuscript, we can help with shaping, structuring, fact checking, editing, polishing and proofing.

  • Submission help for authors seeking traditional publishing contracts, including guidance to understand the respective benefits and drawbacks of traditional vs. self-publishing

  • Page Layout, Typography and Cover design - You manuscript professionally prepared for printing using the most advanced layout, typography and graphics software tools

  • Professional printing services to produce the highest quality product

  • Pricing, distribution, and marketing plans

  • ePublishing

  • Author websites and social media pages

  • Help to gather reviews and testimonials

  • Help with contest entries


We are NOT vanity publishers. We provide help for authors to self-publish or secure traditional publishing agreements.

We offer help on YOUR terms, delivering only the specific services you need and want, at affordable prices, with firm up-front quotations and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

To tell us about YOUR project and request details of how we can help you fulfil your dream of becoming a published author, please CLICK HERE.