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Free Resources for Writers

Useful Links: A list of links to websites of use to writers

Articles and White Papers (free to download)


Writing a Pitch Letter  

Brilliant Writing

How to 'Nudge the World a Little'

Building Brand Recognition   (White Paper by Lorraine Cobcroft)

Business Planning (White Paper by Lorraine Cobcroft)

Free and Low Cost Software for Writers

Kingston Office A suite of Office tools that create and save MS format files and provide all the functionality of Microsoft
tools at a tiny fraction of the price. (Free version available if you don't mind ads!)

Open Office

Complete office suite that rivals MS Office

Malware Bytes

Taking the byte out of Malware. A complete and powerful anti-virus, web and email protection suite

 Wordweb Pro

A handy online Dictionary/Thesaurus (conditions apply to free use)

Write It Now A custom-designed tool for authors with powerful tools to make idea development and manuscript creation
and editing easier than you ever thought possible!  Throw away that clumsy word processor and get a
tool designed by an author for authors.
Character Writer Build believable characters that will come to life on your pages. Use psychologists' modelling tools to
define behavioural traits and thought patterns that are consistent and credible.  Define character relationships.
Also includes an inbuilt Story Generator.