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Mortgaged Goods Release
COMING SOON...   ''Natalya was living the dream, until tragedy brought her past back to haunt her, forcing her to redefine her life plans and her understanding of what defines a woman's value.'' A heartwarming story of devotion, sacrifice and courage. Lorraine's latest work, Mortgaged Goods,


Writers are powerful.
 They can influence, motivate, inspire, and entertain. They can drive
personal, political and social change. They can drive sales.
With every inspired word they write, they 'nudge the world a little'.

My mission is to write, and to help others to write, to 'nudge the world a little' 

 On this website you will find:

  • INFORMATIOM about me, my books, and services I offer to writers

  • FREE RESOURCES for writers (articles, white papers, courseware, reviews of reference books, reviews of tools and software)

  • BOOK REVIEWS showcasing selected works by writers whose works you might not find showcased in stores

  • REVIEWS of useful tools and software for writers 

  • LINKS to websites for the best tools, books, courses, and software for writers






Noveltunity award winner, November 2013...

''A hit on the head with a pencil case began Paul Wilson's lifelong battle against the system and the pencil-pushers who tormented him... but nothing could break his indomitable spirit. Paul was a fifth generation, native-born white Australian, and a stolen child. Bureaucrats stole him twice. So-called ‘women of God’ and a misg